Saturday, 17 March 2018

In The Meantime

Just case anyone thinks I've forgotten to write something here, I haven't. I am ridden with guilt about neglecting this blog! I have, though, had other things happening that seem to have taken priority. I really must get round to telling you all about opposing a private bill in Parliament, some health stuff, this year's Venice Carnival, how I moved on to the boat in the first place (I promise t's a good story if I can remember it all), something about gigs, some sad news about dogs, and I have spent a couple of days in a studio over the past couple of weeks ... "about time too", said P.

Okay, that's a little shopping list of reminders for future essays. In the meantime here are some pictures from last week of me recording at Grange Farm Studio in Norfolk, with the wonderful Isi Clarke at the desk (and on my iPad in order to take these photographs). I'll save yesterday's photos for when I write properly and I'll try and write properly soon.

Now I have to leave to get set up for a ceilidh with my brilliant rocking ceilidh band in Norwich tonight. 

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