Saturday, 25 April 2015

Of Losing Gems And Marbles

I have set myself a little challenge to write something a few days each week.  This challenge is probably doomed to failure.  I realise that goals are supposed to be specific and given more precise time references.  Whoever made that rule doesn't live in my world.

I didn't realise I have started so many blogs and had so many accounts.  I have often set up something and then made the log-in details so complicated that I have eventually given up trying to access them for a second time.  So it is that I have discovered two other Blogger accounts set up for Marshlander and I have no idea how many e-mail accounts there could be.  I set up another e-mail account this week to link to my new blog site (the other one I set up this week, I mean) and within five minutes had managed to lose the log-in details and am now locked out of it ... until, I suppose I can remember something.  It is to Google's credit that accessing an account for which the password or account name has been forgotten is convoluted and tedious.  I gave up trying to work it out.

I don't consider myself to be entirely scatterbrained.  I can be quite organised and with all the passwords and details required for hundreds of websites these days I have to have a system for keeping them to hand.  Sometimes, though, things get away from me.  I suppose it happens to most of us.  If it doesn't happen to you I am sorry, but we may never be able to be close friends.

I had quite forgotten that one of my blog pages was even linked to Marshlander's Facebook page and I noticed it this morning when checking to see if I could add links to external websites.  This may be why that blog page has only one entry dated August 2012.  This is my explanation for the late appearance of two entries from 2012.  As an aid to myself and to any passing stranger I shall copy old entries into this blog so it may look a little unstable for a few days as I discover old essays and rants.  Then I shall see if it is possible to delete old accounts.  I fear, though, that Google along with Facebook might be forever.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photograph of one of my kingfisher neighbours.  This blurry image is the best my iPhone can manage, until the day that one of the kingfishers sits on my mooring rope, the tiller arm or the prow of the boat when I actually have my phone in my hand.  I'll get a decent photograph one day.

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